Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

I have the bestest friends ever! My birthday was yesterday, May 18th. Check out some of the gifts.

From Tammy:

She's a sneaky one. We were talking about the needle holders one night. She asked me for the link because it sounded like something she'd be able to use for some of her craft projects. HA! Sneaky I tell you.

That's a Sonic gift card in case you can't tell. lol She knows me well. *I have a Sonic Coke addiction*

From ozknitter:

Check out those socks! One of these days I tell you. It's warming up here in southern Texas, but this winter feets will be warm and stylish. lol

That's Moda Vera Corn yarn and Bamboozle Bamboo and Cotton yarn. I havne't knit with either, but I'm very intrigued. ozknitter has mentioned this yarn before, but I've never seen it around here. How cool.

From JoAnn:
A gift certificate to Knit Picks. YAY! I've had my eye on a few books and more needles.

What more could a knitter ask for?!?!? Thanks guys!


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